Our story

Webby toys was founded with a wish. Wish to spread smiles, share happiness and build a better world for our ever-curious young minds.

In the planet of a blooming mind is a gazillion dreams coloured in soft pastels. We transform these cultured dreams into playful toys in the most beautiful ways.
Crafted in “aww-inspiring” light and with a wish to spread smiles, Webby Toys presents an inclusive collection of toys for the young minds who would be the brilliant future. It stems up from the idea to redefine the area of play and fun by making it more inclusive and educative.

Our purpose

What’s a child if not for his/her innocence and fantasies.  Webby Toys focus on enrichment and evolution of young minds and souls. We believe that for these minds to prosper, it is essential to let them fly freely through uncommon paths and adopt good values on the way. Our toys would be the stepping stones to building a strong foundation for the little ones to help them to soar high above the sky.

Product Safety

We at Webby take a serious interest in designing toys that are meant to be environment-friendly and harmless for the ones who play with them. Be it non-toxic plastic or splinter-free and sturdy wood, there is a guarantee of secure play from us.

User Tested Products

We love to promote the holistic development of children by designing toys that inspire creative visualization and allow kids to discover themselves freely. Our toys are constructed in such a way that they enrich children’s sensory experience, fine-tune their motor and cognitive skills while also educating them in way which is easy and fun. All we wish for is your inquisitive one blossoming in the best way!


We at Webby strive to craft young fantasies and nurture the budding minds by delivering quality toys equipped with quirky yet intellectual tools.


Webby aspires to carve its name as the most trusted Indian Toy Manufacturer known for its work ethics, topflight toys, ingenious approach, and accountability.


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